Aviron Field Office

Secret Classifications

Secuity Level Restriction DC to gain info
Secret (Levels S1-S3) Restricted Access Protection DC = (S Level * 3) +10
Secret (Levels S4-S5) Secret
Secret (Levels S6-S7) Top Secret
Secret (Levels S8-S9) Only god knows what is in there and it better stay that way.
All Secret documents of level 4 must have approval of creating authority before anyone copies or exposes information to un-approved sources. To do otherwise is a could be seen as Treason.

Operational Directives

alpha DirectiveComplete current orders then proceed immediately to complete this directive.
Priority alpha DirectiveComplete this new directive then complete your previous assignment.
Omega DirectiveAll other directives rescinded. This is a complete or die directive. Every agent is expendable to complete this mission. These are Caliber V missions.
Delta1-5 DirectiveStandard Directive: The #s 1-5 are = to the caliber of the Mission.
Type 1internal decision that, once made, cannot be revoked. This type of directive is initiated requiring.
Y DirectiveIn the event of a crisis, One of the heads of the agency are required to come to your field office and mobilize other offices. to address the crisis. Once issued, a Y Directive cannot be recalled, until the crisis is resolved.

Targets & Mission Priorities

Alpha 1These targets and missions are priority over all bravo and delta missions and targets.
Alpha 2
Alpha 3
Bravo 1Medium Priority Missions an Targets
Bravo 2
Bravo 3
Delta 1Low Priority Missions an Targets
Delta 2
Delta 3Also called wet runs. These are easy missions to train operatives.

Secure Communications

Alpha SecurePR 10 Secure communications.
C-BandBack up communications when a breach or other infiltration is suspected.
DEEP CHANNELNon-monitored communications channel.


CONDITION BLACK Agent Cover is Blown
CONDITION BLUE Area is clear of hostiles
DARK APPROACH Enter area of operations with no Com or tracking.
DIRTY ZONE Area where hostiles are present
Disposable Location If found out, will not jeopardize any other operations, agent or agency.