Aviron Field Office

Living Daylights

Player Resources

Agent Record Sheet 2.0: Here is the official Spycraft Character sheet (PDF)

Basic Info for Agents: Some basic rules for quick access. (PDF)

Record Sheet (Excel): Calculating Excel character sheet. I have re-organized the cultures from 11 to 10. (Excel)

Agent Table Tent: A name plate for the players, for use on the table. (JPG)

Character Dosier: Tracks your xp, missions completed, net worth or Reputation. (PDF)

Agent Photo ID: A small pdf ID badge with a little work you can put your info on it. (JPG)

Combat Actions: A list of actions, the time they consume and a brief descriptoin of their use or effect. (PDF)

Lots of Charts: A PDF of many charts found throughout the book. (PDF)

Campaign Qualities: New campaign qualities not included in the core book. (PDF)

Iconic Characters: Level 1 pregen characters on PDF. Includes combat info, skills and all you need to play a 1st level character. (PDF)

Avery 5 1/2"; x 4 1/4" Postcard stock. The Avery # is 8387 ... "All Word Documents"

PC Card: Quick reference cards of your PCs

NPC Card: Card for NPCs with gear and abilities. Nice to use with PC cards and keeping track of initiative.

Vehicle Card: All the stats on a handy card for your vehicle.

Weapon Card: All the stats on a handy card for your weapon.

Gear Card: All the stats on a handy card for your gear.