Aviron Field Office

Diamonds are Forever

Mission Briefing

New Valkyrie

Your team is en route from the London Field Office to the Chicago Field Office. You were headed there to do some routine office work, and have a training update. When you are en route your cell phone rings. It is your handler here in London. He asks you to put this on the speaker:

At precisely 2:23 p.m., the Ashland subway train in Chicago was on its standard route, carrying citizens to the airport. No one suspected each of the people who stepped onto the train at the four stops, even if one of the women was carrying a bouquet of roses. But when the subway train left the Halsted station, the passengers´┐Ż lives were about to be changed forever.

Four individuals disconnected the front car and took control of the engine and its passengers, 20 in all. They have but one demand: the city must pay a ransom of ten million dollars within one hour. If they fail to deliver the money, a hostage will be killed for every minute the money is late. The money is to be divided into small, unmarked bills, hundreds and thousands, in stacks of two hundred each.

The Transit Police and the mayor keep the terrorist attack under wraps, claiming the subway train had crashed. But the crisis can no longer be ignored. Order your gear and the Chicago office will have what it can at the Transit Police HQ.

Mission Objectives

  • Deliver ransom money to terrorists
  • Ensure no hostages are harmed
  • Prevent terrorists from escaping with Money

Mission Specifics

  • Name: New Valkyrie
  • Caliber: III
  • Mission Qualities: None
  • Campaign Quality: None
  • Season Quality: None
  • Mission Reward: 5 Reputation or $250,000 Net Worth