Aviron Field Office

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Cash and Carry

3 Wealth Scores



This was your Wealth (Possessions). This # indicates the amount of money you get to keep. Each point in Prudence represents 5% you get to keep. So a prudence of 5 means you get to keep 25% of the cash you have at this point.

LifestyleLifestyle CostStorage Slots / Maximum Item Size
1$0 per mission10 Medium
2$500 per mission5 Large
3$1,000 per mission10 Large
4 $2,000 per mission 5 Huge
5$3,000 per mission10 Huge
6$6,000 per mission5 Gargantuan
7$10,000 per mission10 Gargantuan
8$25,000 per mission5 Colossal
9$40,000 per mission10 Colossal
10$50,000 per mission5 Enormous

BenefitCostTime RequiredMinimum Career Lvl *Maximum Training **
+1 Attribute Pt100K * the New Ability Point6 Weeks61 / 5 levels
+1 Feat1,000,0005 Weeks51 / 4 levels
+1 Weapon Prof500,0004 Weeks41 / 3 levels
+1 Skill Rank300,0003 Weeks32 Per level
+1 Interest200,0002 Weeks21 per Level

* A character's Career Level must be at least this high before he may purchase each training option.

** A character may purchase each training option up to the number of times listed in this column.

Special training may not raise a character's skill ranks beyond his maximum rank with any skill.